Torch On Waterproofing, also known as the torch-down roof, is one of the common roofing types used on flat or concrete roofs. When installed correctly, it can last from 15 to 20 years. This makes it a cost-effective roof for commercial businesses and the homeowner.

How long does the torch on waterproofing last? If you’re looking to waterproof your flat roof you should consider applying a Torch On water-resistant membrane. It lasts for up to 40 years when installed properly.

Torch On Waterproofing requires a torch to heat fuse asphalt material directly onto the roof. This creates a waterproof barrier. It is often used on flat roofs where rain water can collect and sit for extended periods of time.

4mm Torch-on Bitumen waterproofing systems are trafficable, so you can comfortably and safely walk over the system, once it has been properly laid.

(See further information under articles: Torch-on vs Liquid applied membrane)

Why choose Waterproofing Worx for concrete roofs waterproofing? 

  • We have more than 30 years experience in spalling and concrete repair
  • We are expert at the diagnosis and repair of all forms of defective concrete
  • We work closely with and are endorsed by suppliers, including Sika, ABE and Stonecor
  • We impliment strigent quality control and quality assurance protocols
  • Quality is our ethos and we offer a guarentee on materials and workmanship 
  • All contracts are subject to a strict quality plan that conforms to ISO9000
  • Health and safety checks and controls are implemented and are to NOSA standards
  • Our staff are highly trained and training is ongoing to match industry advancements
  • We have the specialised equipment required to properly undertake concrete and spalling repair
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