Waterproofing a tiled roof is necessary, since the layer of roof tiles is not completely water impermeable: water may penetrate either through cracks or imperfections in the roof tiles’ construction or under the appropriate combination of rain and wind.

The ultimate waterproofing for roof tiles

Do you have a pesky roof leak on your tiled roof and ask yourself “Can roof tiles be waterproofed”? The good news is that not only can they be waterproofed but we have a permanent solution to waterproof any tiled roof. Read on for the solution!

Causes of roof leaks on tiled roofs

During our roof inspections, we find that the most common roof leaks on tiled roofs originate from the following:

  1. Faulty roof tile installation
  2. Brittle, cracked or broken tiles
  3. Worn membrane flashing
  4. Low pitch roofs
  5. Gutters that are filled with fall out and debris
  6. Worn out under tile PVC membrane
  7. Deteriorated ridge tile grout

The above deficiencies cause roof leaks and a lot of frustration to property owners. We often find that they complain that the roof was previously waterproofed just to discover that the problem is still not solved.

So how does one solve this pesky and recurring roof leak problem? Is there an ultimate waterproofing for roof tiles? Especially one that will last and prevent continuous damage to ceilings, walls, and furniture?

What is the best waterproofing for roof tiles?

We have been in the business of repairing and waterproofing, all sorts of roofs, for 35 years, which includes tiled roofs. As a result, we have developed an ultimate waterproofing system for roof tiles. This involves the following process:

  1. Upon arrival at the site, our technical representative inspects the outer surface of the tiled roof. Broken tiles, worn-out ridge mortar joints, grouting, worn-out membrane flashing, blocked valleys, and wall flashings are identified.
  2. The technician then inspects the roof cavity area for signs of worn out and disintegrated under-tile PVC membrane, rotten battens, and beams. After this, a detailed quotation with options is presented to the customer.
  3. When the property owner accepts the roof quotation of choice, we make an appointment for the work to commence.
  4. Following the cleaning process, all existing worn-out membranes are removed. Ridge tile mortar joints are repaired, and valley tiles are cut to ensure a proper shute is formed for each valley. Lastly, all broken tiles are replaced. Where tiles are no longer in fashion and cannot be procured, we repair the cracked tiles with polyurethane membrane and a polyurethane coating.
  5. Once the repairs are completed we coat the ridges with two coats of Polyurethane coating. Where valleys were cut open we install a polyurethane membrane rubber lining to prevent rainwater from overflowing into the roof cavity.

Metal roofs, either IBR or Corrugated need a similar approach to waterproofing. After inspection, the affected areas are repaired in a similar manner to the approach to Tiled roofs.

See Liquid applied specification in the section above.

Metallic Roof Joints and Inner Angles

Joints and Inner angles on the metallic or tiled roof should be treated with Polyurethane coating

End lap waterproofed with Polyurethane

If anti-slip effect is required, natural dry quartz or silica sand aggregates must be sprinkled into the wet coating, during application.

Sealing side laps and drainage outlets

Entire roof waterproofed with Polyurethane System.

Why choose Waterproofing Worx as your waterproofing contractor? 

  • We have more than 30 years experience in spalling and concrete repair
  • We are expert at the diagnosis and repair of all forms of defective concrete
  • We work closely with and are endorsed by suppliers, including Sika, ABE and Stonecor
  • We impliment strigent quality control and quality assurance protocols
  • Quality is our ethos and we offer a guarentee on materials and workmanship 
  • All contracts are subject to a strict quality plan that conforms to ISO9000
  • Health and safety checks and controls are implemented and are to NOSA standards
  • Our staff are highly trained and training is ongoing to match industry advancements
  • We have specialised equipment to properly undertake concrete and spalling repair
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