An opportunity to belong to one of South Africa’s premier Waterproofing Contracting Companies, supplied by South Africa’s best merchants in Waterproofing

Introduction to Waterproofing Worx

Waterproofing Worx is a Commercial and Domestic waterproofing contracting company, expanding through the network of Franchisees, nationally. The company has the distinct advantage of using Sika as its preferred Waterproofing supplier and in return under certain conditions, Sika will guarantee the work undertaken. Sika however guarantees all materials under their normal guarantees. Other selected suppliers are the best in their industry.

Key points

  • Our suppliers guarantee, training, support, specification writing, ongoing reports and discounts
  • Quality plan
  • 35 years experience in the Waterproofing field
  • Specify, apply and guarantee.
  • Commercial and domestic Waterproofing
  • Discounts from other major suppliers
  • The Franchise fee includes a marketing kick-start, including advertising in your area.


The waterproofing contracting market in South Africa is worth hundreds of millions of Rand per annum. New projects are finished every day, and eventually these will become our clients. Extreme weather conditions prevail. And Waterproofing of your biggest asset, is first and foremost in maintenance. This makes Waterproofing Worx an ideal annuity business.

The one-man-and-a-bakkie-brigade has created a need for quality contracting and affordable Waterproofing and workmanship.


  1. Part of a national franchise
  2. The best suppliers in the Waterproofing arena are used
  3. 35 years experience in Waterproofing
  4. Comprehensive training
  5. Back up and support
  6. An Operation & procedures manual, with every conceivable aspect on how to run a successful Waterproofing business.


Waterproofing Worx look for enthusiastic, self-motivated individuals committed to owning and operating his own business.  Waterproofing Worx is not an investment to be considered as a sideline.  Properly managed, the business will provide an excellent living and a good return on investment.

The total set-up cost will be in the region of R180 000. Operating capital will depend on each franchisee’s particular circumstances.

Franchisees must be prepared to always offer customers first-rate service, even when under extreme pressure.  Customer contact is all-important and therefore the personality of the operator plays a significant part.  The ability to motivate and manage staff is also of prime importance.

Franchise Fee:  Included in the setup cost.

The Franchise Fee is a one-off payment for each franchisee that is opened.  It secures the rights to operate a franchise, using Waterproofing Worx trademarks and business systems.

Royalty fee:    5% of monthly turnover excluding VAT. This amount will be collected monthly from the franchisee by Waterproofing Worx Franchise.

Rebate fee: Waterproofing Worx will collect a rebate from all suppliers, of which a portion will be used for marketing purposes.

Monthly fee: A flat monthly fee of R5,000 will be charged for each franchise. 50% of this fee will go into the individuals marketing for their area and the balance into National marketing.

Training, Branding and Signage:    Included in the set up cost.
This is a once off payment for initial set up costs and includes branding, & training as per our standard new franchisee specification list.  There is also provision in this funding for start up stationery and uniform branding.

Training costs: Training will take part either in your territory, but may take place at head office in Durban. Traveling costs will be for the franchisee. Supplier training will take place at the various suppliers’ premises, which are located in all major cities.

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